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Anonymous said: Well this is more of a statement then a question but, I just have to say you are a gorgeous amazonian woman.

Aw shucks… thank you love!

Anonymous said: Actually, I think TGSB couples are pretty cute. It's not "ridiculous", it just shows that they like each other too much to care about their height.




Dropdead gorgeous model (and one of my idols) Micheline Pitt and her boyfriend @CreatureKid (ig). I absolutely adore her, and she and her man are freaking adorable!

Dropdead gorgeous model (and one of my idols) Micheline Pitt and her boyfriend @CreatureKid (ig). I absolutely adore her, and she and her man are freaking adorable!

pulchritudinosity said: Hi!! I was wondering if you still need an admin? I am in absolute love with your blog, as a 6'0 girl that loves shorter men, this blog has helped me understand that I should be comfortable in my own skin, and that I should be able to love whomever I want, and I thank you so much for helping me realize that. If you still need help running the blog, I'd be more than happy to! Let me know(: ~Danielle

Hey!!! Thank you so much for offering your help! What I really need is someone to research the photos and submit them with tags for me. It takes so long sometimes to answer the messages that I don’t have time to post pictures! Would that be something you’d be interested in?

Anonymous said: You know, i'm kind of tired of the looks and laughs I get because i'm a 5'3, 5'4 guy. I know that you shouldn't let people effect you to that extent, but it happens so often. And it gets tiring and more painful. It looks like it won't get better. What do I do?

Listen babe, I obviously don’t know you or your personal situation, but in the 5 sentences of info I have here, I can say that your attitude about the situation is maybe not necessarily causing your issues, but it surely isn’t helping. If you look at the world as an opponent, always waiting for someone to throw some shade your way, expecting that at every turn someone’s gonna say something, they will. You can’t change the world, so try changing YOU! There’s only so much I can relay through a tumblr message, but my STRONG advice is to pick up either “The Secret” or “The Power”. These books have literally changed me, changed my perspective and outlook. I personally think the world would be a better place if everyone read them, but I can’t speak to everyone. I can however speak to you and say there is hope, and it starts with you. A simple shift in perception could change your entire world. Good luck!

Anonymous said: After thinking a lot about the whole "tall girl short guy relationship" thing, all I have to say is: fuck other people's opinion. Seriously. YOU are the one in the relationship. If you and your partner are happy, then fuck it. It doesn't matter if you're shorter, taller, skinnier, curvier than he is. If you are both satisfied, it's all that matters (in my opinion).

You are SO right! I mean honestly, who cares? And who’s business is it who you decide to date? I mean really? Do you let these people tell you what kind of job to have, or where to live, or what doctor to visit? It’s so trivial! Haters need to go! Get out of here, you suck!

Anonymous said: (I know I'm a bit late, but whatever...) Congratulations on your marriage! I wish you both all the best ^^

Thank you so much!!!

Welcome back!!! Yayy!!!!

Thank you <3

Anonymous said: I'm happy that you're finally back! I'm a big fan of your blog. Keep doing what you're doing. By the way, congrats to you and your newly wedded husband...

Thank You!!! SO sorry to be so absent for so long. I love you guys, and this blog is a really great thing, you guys make it possible. Thank you for sharing in  my dream of love equality!!

Anonymous said: Hey! I think im in love with my best friend... hes only 5'4, and im 5'7... and when ever were out and about people tease us even though we aren't even dating... see ive gone through self esteem issues, depression, ED... and im really self conscious and well, i love him, and he wants to be with me... i just cant wrap my brain around this because Im so afraid to be judged... but after seeing your blog... and how large this community is... i think my mind has been changed... thank you :)

The thing that stands out most in this message to me is that you’re “so afraid to be judged”. When we fear something,  it is in the forefront of our consciousness, meaning we are putting so much of our focus on that thing, we are bringing it to ourselves, over and over again. Furthermore, fear is a very strong emotion, and emotions amplify the power of manifesting your thoughts, and in this case, your fear of judgement is actually CAUSING you to be judged even more. So it is very important that you stop that right now! First off, let me say that EVERYONE feels judged at times, I know it’s hard to step out of your own mind, but if you spent just 5 minutes in the mind and body of someone else, you’d find a whole new slew of insecurities to think about. People can be cruel, but what I’ve found is that those who take steps to hurt others, whether it’s conscious or not, are hurting way worse on the inside than you’ll ever know. It takes a lot of pain to want to inflict it on other people, and in a way, you can feel sorry for those who aim to harm you. In reality, nobody can hurt you unless you allow their words and hate to relate to you. When people talk shit about another person, they are voicing their own insecurities and for a brief shining moment, taking the spotlight off of their own issues, hence why they continue to do it. You have to rise above if you ever hope of getting past this. One great quote I read, I THINK it was Ghandi (don’t crucify me if not, I can’t quite remember) but the essence of the quote is to rise so far above them that their insults can’t touch you anymore. Please please please go pick up the book “The Power”, i know it will help you immeasurably. As for your boy issue, my opinion is that you already seem to have enough things around you that hurt you, why don’t you bring some good into your life and allow something positive to grow? Who honestly cares about 3 inches? You don’t, so what does it matter? Good luck babe <3

Anonymous said: I've been talking to a guy lately who literally makes me the happiest girl on the face of the earth. He's everything any girl could ever ask for. But I can't get myself past friends because our height difference sits in the back of my mind. I'm 6' and he's 5'3". That's a BIG TIME difference. I'm so insecure about it. And I KNOW so many people will judge and make fun. And that's something I'm no stranger to and not a fan of. How can I and/or will I ever get past it? :/

People are going to talk regardless, as you’ve stated. You might as well be happy about the thing they are talking about. If you show them that their words can’t effect you they will eventually get bored and leave you alone. But you need to confident within yourself first. These people aren’t in your relationship, so why should their opinion matter? Shake ‘em loose babe!



Anonymous said: Hello! I just stumbled across this blog and I just want to say how wonderful it is! I'm 5' 8" and my boyfriend is about 5' 4", and I weigh about 160-170 while he weighs around 125-130 and I just want to put this out there for the girls who are taller and curvier than their men. We get so many stares and looks because of our size difference but we could care less and we have something beautiful, and no physical characteristics could change that. Personality is everything!

Thank you so much for sharing! The world must realize, size has nothing to do with love. Thanks for helping bridge that gap!

Anonymous said: okaay so... i'm a 16 year old 6"0 girl (181 cm) and there's this guy that I'm super good friends with. He's not super good looking but his personality makes him like a thousand times more attractive! we've made out twice at a party and like i really enjoyed it and he did too but despite the fact that we get along super well, we're just different and i could never see us date, especially since he's 5'5... I hate height! but i really do like him and i really don't know what to do.. please help!

well, it sounds like you need to decide what you want. A taller “better looking” guy, or a person who treats you right, regardless of their physical appearance. Your call

Anonymous said: My girlfriend is 6'3". I'm 5'10". She is absolutely smitten with me (and I'm smitten with her), can't get enough of my body, and we're both madly in love. Tall women are the absolute best.



HEYY! I just wanna say I LOOOOOVE this blog! Short guys and tall girls don’t get enough respect and love around this holy earth. I’m 5’4 and my neeeeew girlfriend is 5’9! And guess what!? She’s GINGER TOO! But I DONT CARE!!! Cause I think she is lovely and that’s all that matters! Anybody who stares or looks down on you (literally too hahahahah!) are not worth your time. Be happy!!! Peace out y’all xxxx

**thank you for your SUBMISSION! you have a great outlook, I appreciate you sharing your story!!**