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Anonymous asked: Im having trouble with confidence..... Im actually pretty good looking but im shorter than most girls i have interest in are taller than me by ATLEAST 8 inches (im a boy) but they think of me differently cause im short...... All of my friends are in relationships and they kinda nag me for that because i am not...... Im strong, im funny and if I had a friend that was a girl i bet they probally wouldn't feel the same that I do >.< please help (my height is 4'6 and I weigh 70 pounds and im 14)

First off, you are at an age where the girls grow much faster than the boys. You won’t be that height forever, so make the most of it while you can. I just responded to a message similar to yours a few minutes ago, check that one out, because my answer pertains to your story as well. Check out the book “The Power” and work on learning to love yourself for who you are and what you have to offer. WHen you feel down about yourself, other people pick up on that, and I hate to say it, but girls want a guy who is confident in their own skin (ideally). So as hard as it is to feel good about yourself NOW, that’s what it’s going to take to attract a girl, not the other way around!

cartoonygothica asked: [Oh my gosh, I just found this blog, and I have to say, I'm so glad I found it! As a 19-year-old girl around 5'8", I admit I'm more attracted to guys shorter than me than those taller. Don't get me wrong. I don't dislike tall guys, but I just don't like feeling small compared to them. I like to challenge such stereotypes!]

I LOVE YOU!!! hahaha, you have a great outlook. You realize it’s not about what’s on the outside, but how you feel on the inside. You are a role model to us all, thank you for sharing!!

Anonymous asked: Hey um im having a hard time (im a guy) ..... All my friends are in a relationship and here I am feeling like a loser... Most of my friends that are girls are like 7-8 inches taller so im feeling super unconfident.... What do I do?????

Well first of all, you need to get that confidence up. Check out a book called “The Power” it will change your life, and your perspective on yourself. But most importantly, it will show you how much value you have WITHOUT needing a girlfriend. And ironically, the by-product of learning to love yourself, is attracting love from other people. It all starts with you!

Anonymous asked: My boyfriend is like 5'3 and Im 5'6. And I used to be so shy and stuff because he was shorter but everyone says we're cute and stuff and now I realize its not really different. If the boy or taller or if the girl is taller^.^ I love you tumblr❤🙈 Ily. Otay. Bye lovely /.^

Love is love babe. And it’s between 2 people, not 2 people and the entire world. Make each other happy and you will be happy yourself. Thank you for your support <3

simmiautomatic asked: I'm so happy I found this blog. I'm pretty much six feet and my boyfriend is 5'6" and sometimes I'm insecure about cause people aren't very nice but whatever I love him and I love this blog :))))

Those people aren’t part of your relationship. All that matters is that you two treat each other with love and respect. The other’s will come around eventually. Don’t let them get to you. They’ll soon find a new target once they see they can’t effect you anymore!

Anonymous asked: The other day I was at a restaurant and this old man standing next to me commented on my height, impressed. I'm 16 years old and 5'11". After talking to him a bit he said "You must have to find really tall men!" When I informed him that my boyfriend is indeed shorter than me, he said, taken aback, "Well doesn't that make you self conscious?" as if it was the worst thing in the world to face and no girl in their right mind would. It was appalling. Inches don't matter and I've never been happier.

I hate to rag on people of older generations, because it’s really not their fault, but they are still working with those old fashioned beliefs about love and appearance. Have you ever been around someone’s grandparent and they made a racial slur, or said something homophobic? And it makes everyone uncomfortable? I feel it’s the same principles at work. Times are changing, people are changing. I have pink hair and am covered in tattoos, plus I’m married to a shorter man, things that would have never been socially acceptable 50 years ago. But who cares? I’m happy the way I am, and I’m so glad to hear you are too! <3

blusblog1232 asked: Hi im 4'7 and well most girls my age (12-13) are atleast 4 inches taller than me...... My while life i was a floppy noodle until i started wrestling and I actually became strong! I could lift 130 pounds!! It was a miracle!!! But I have still noticed the girls that i hang out with dont really see me as idk someone to date or like. actually my friend Daniel 4'10 gets ALL the girls and even though one girl likes me its only because they say i have great hair -_- u can see a pic of me in my blog....

What gets girls attention is confidence, not height, hair, appearance etc… I mean, obviously those things matter somewhat, but without knowing you or your friend, I’d say he probably exudes more confidence than you. The most important thing you can do is truly learn to love yourself. For all of your good traits, and even the not so good ones. If you start feeling more confident about yourself, the ladies will come

Anonymous asked: I haven't scoped out your archive and apologize if you've answered this question already. I am a girl of average stature and have an affinity for men shorter than me. I came close to dating two in the past, and both backed out on account of their own preferences for dating people shorter than themselves. Is this a common must for shorter men, and do you think it is as much a disadvantage for them as it is for those interested that don't stack "down." Who will find their match first in earnest?

Honestly, what I’ve come to find by answering messages from people, is that the girls have way bigger reservations about height than the men do. It seems that men are just happy to have a smokin hot amazon woman by their side, whereas women are more indoctrinated with the notion that they are supposed to be smaller and more dainty than the male. It’s all BS really. Some outdated belief that really serves no purpose in todays world. Be confident and proud my dear, if you want a short man, I PROMISE, he is out there. Be confident with yourself and he will come along<3

Anonymous asked: I'm 6'0 and the man I think I'm going to spend my life with is about 5'6. Im not completely over the height thing, but I'm not letting him go. No man compares to him.

When you find someone special, the height issue really starts to fade away. The only people in your relationship are you and him, and no one else’s opinion should matter!

rotarsec asked: So hey- I'm a 5'5 guy with a load of confidence issues. I like a 6'2 girl who's in the same boat. I've known her for ages, but our friendship has always been awkward because I'm much too nervous around her. But sometimes we've struck it lucky and have had some great conversation. So yea. What do?

My opinion is you start making moves. If you are both struggling with the idea, you can become a support system for one another. Be honest with your feelings and let her be honest with you. When you have someone to lean on, it becomes much easier to stand up for yourself. Make it a goal to pull each other from the depths of your problems and an amazing relationship might blossom!

Anonymous asked: I am an 18-year-old guy who is about 5'1". Almost all of the girls I date are taller than me, and that has started to become my preference! I wouldn't say I date a lot of girls, but I have been with very pretty girls who are taller, and don't mind a short guy. What I'm trying to say is, just be confident, be outgoing, and be yourself. That will get a girl to like you more often than any amount of height will.




I’ve always said previously that I would never date a guy that was shorter than me…I’m 5’9 and my boyfriend is 5’7 and I’ve never loved any previous boyfriend as much or been as happy as I am with him! And when I’m with him the height difference is the last thing on my mind :)

**Thank you for your submission!!**

Anonymous asked: Should I be embarrassed as a 5'3 male to kiss a 5'7/8ish female?

No! Would it be embarrassing the other way around? Hell no. Social “norms” are stupid. Lets all break them together!

bibi40 asked: Okay so I just found this blog and it has been really helpful because my current boyfriend is around 5.5 and im 5.7 and really height has never matter to me but lately I have felt really stress out sense he decide that he wanted to meet my family and at first I oppose because I know my family and how judgmental they can be specially my a uncles sense they are big guys truly big and sense I'm the oldest of all my cousins they expect a big 6 foot guy and I just don't know what to do I don't want m

Listen babe, families can be weird. As much as they love and support you, their actions can seem like the total opposite. You’re better off being out and proud with your relationship. Stand up to your family and let them know this person is kind to you, respects you and treats you well. That is worth so much more than a couple of inches. If they can’t see that, then let them stew in their negativity, but don’t let it get to you. If you have to distance yourself for awhile until they understand, then do that. Family will come around, they have to. If they persist with the negativity, sit them down personally and tell them how much their words and judgements hurt you. Your love life literally has no effect on their lives whatsoever, and it’s unfair for them to make you feel anything less than special. 

Anonymous asked: i just want to say thank you for making this blog! Even though my boyfriend and I are close to the same height, me being maybe two inches taller, I have a larger frame and he has a smaller frame, which i guess to others makes it "weird". people still are awkward around us because of it. It's nice to see a different attitude towards shorter guys and taller girls, and makes me feel much better :D

People are just weird. What I’ve found is those who are “uncomfortable” with others, are actually just uncomfortable with themselves. They may look at you and think it’s “weird” or “wrong” but in reality, it’s their way of rationalizing the fact that they don’t have enough confidence to be out the way that you are. Take it as a compliment, you are doing something right, and making yourself happy in the process!