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Anonymous said: Love the blog! I'm 5'-6" (with shoes) and I'm a tad taller than my awesome girlfriend. Funny thing is that I'm a heel guy. I LOVE when she rocks em! Even if they make her taller than me! Her ex is like 6'-4"... guess I'm doin "something" right! ;)

Awesome! See ladies? Men like this do exist!!!

Anonymous said: Hi, I've always liked taller women and I've noticed shorter girls as being shallow and insecure. Its sometimes is hard being a male who is short skinny and is transitioning in the dating world. This blog is nice. I hope one day I can find a beautiful tall woman to spend my life with.

So do I! Thank you for your support, you are not alone! Be confident and love yourself and the right girl will come along :)



Anonymous said: Please help me with this, the insecurity is killing me. I am like 5'6, 5'7 barefoot. I met a girl at a party. I was in the car, she was outside. I noticed her and saw she was taller than the average girl. Got her number, We start texting, she asks how tall are you. In my insecurity I say 5'8, 5'9. She says she is 5'9. I have to wear logger boots and 2 heel lifts to be only a little taller than her. She doesn't seem to mind but I want to make her my girl and I cant find a way to let this be known

……. this makes me sad. You don’t have to be taller than a woman to give her the world. That is not a requirement. What is a requirement is a kind and generous soul, who supports and honors their partner, and is honest. If wearing lifts is something you both decide will make you more comfortable when you go out in public, then that is your own deal… and I can truly understand the initial lie of the height, and not wanting to expose your insecurities just yet. But if you wear the lifts, and hide the truth from her, I don’t see that ending positively in any way. Once she finds out the truth, she’ll be hurt you lied to her, hurt you didn’t trust her enough to tell her the truth, and she’ll probably lose major trust with you. It’s soo not worth it. Plus, by being up front with her, you might find out that she truly doesn’t care and that it’s not even an issue. Furthermore if is super shallow and doesn’t want to date you because of a couple inches, well you are much better off finding out now verses down the road when your feelings have grown!

Anonymous said: Hi! I can't even remember how i got here, but I've read your blog and the tumbler and I gotta say : I think you are doing a really sweet thing. For kids to have someone stand up and so passionately encourage them and tell them they're ok ... I just think it's awesome. You're pretty and look hip, and I imagine your acceptance would be a massive ego-boost for some of the really short guys. It's the small, unasked-for kindnesses that make me believe in people. You're a good person. Take care!

Wow. This just made my day. Thank you so much for your kind words. In my opinion, there’s no need to be anything other than supportive of your fellow man. This blog helps me too, it goes both ways. Thank you again <3

Anonymous said: Today, my boyfriend said something that was so heart wrenching. He asked me if he was an embarrassment because he was so much shorter than me. He was always a bit sensitive on the subject, but I never knew how much. Gender roles really piss me off sometimes, so i just wanted to thank you for this amazing blog.

That’s so terrible! Send him our way :D I so agree about the gender roles thing, and you really hit the nail on the head there. I feel like deep down, this whole height thing isn’t about size. That’s just ludicrous, but I think you might be right that it’s about that caveman mentality that for some reason we haven’t been able to shake over these thousands of years. I’m a huge supporter of the gay community as well (I just think people should be with who they like) and it’s getting really old hearing these archaic social “norms” we are supposed to be compliant with. I just say SUCK IT to the nay sayers. Find your own happiness and leave everyone else alone! Thanks for the support! 

Anonymous said: (3/3) I feel terribly lost and have no idea what to do about my feelings.. Help me, please, I'm asking for any support from you. Thanks for reading this and sorry for my english, I'm from Europe. Good luck (:

Hey Babe! So sorry this is so late. It may seem hard to be one of the few taller girls in your contury, but I say that is a blssing in disguise. You are something special. Totally unique, and I can guarantee you that just because you are surrounded by smaller women, does NOT mean that all of the men there prefer them that way. You need to look at yourself and start appreciating the things you love about you. Build up your confidence by reminding yourself everyday about those special traits. The more you do this, the more things you’ll find to love. As for your best friend/ex that’s a tough one. You have to decide if your feelings for him are worth risking your friendship. I had a huge crush on one of my good friends years ago, 6 years later, we’ve just been married, and we are still best friends. It’s your call. if you think you both can handle it, I say go for it. You’ve already dated once, so that’s not a huge leap. Don’t let height even factor in to your decision making, because it really really doesn’t matter. It’d be like trying to decide if he likes you back based on the shoes he’s wearing. My advice to you is to start working on yourself, loving you for you and then using that positive energy to put into your friendship/possible relationship. Hope this helps love. Good luck! (P.s. your English is great!!)

Anonymous said: (2/3) We used to date almost year ago, but something didn't work out and we broke up for some stupid reasons. And just recently I starded feeling that I want more from him again.. Few days ago he broke up with his girlfriend. It's not nice to say so, but I felt really happy about that change. But now comes the problem: should I tell him my feelings? Firstly I'm terribly afraid of loosing my friend.. Secoundly, he is shorter than me and this may make him feel uncomfortable or unsecure.

Anonymous said: (1/3)Hello (; firstly I'd like to say that your blog is absolutely amazing. It gives a lot of strength and self-confidence about my height. I'm 5'10'' blonde girl with normal weight. But in my small country girls that are tall like me or even taller are very rarely seen. After reading your blog I started feeling like apie piece of community with tall girls and shorter boys. (: And here comes the boy. I have realy long dramatic story to tell short: I'm in love with my best friend, who is 5'7''.

Hey Guys!!!

So I’m back!  I’m so sorry I have been MIA for such a long time. I got married a few weeks ago, and Good Lord, it is a stressful process! I wasn’t able to really focus on anything other than wedding planning, so I apologize for being absent for so long. Get ready for a TON of messages, my inbox is full of your letters. I thank you all so much for your continued support and hope things are going alright for you all

<3Roxy Lee



warrioromar said: Hey folks, I’m 29 yo single man from London, and always have been attracted to taller girls or at least of similar heights, I find it incredible to break the mould and show a proud middle finger to “society". It’s nice to know, there are girls out there , who appreciates the same, it makes me feel much more positive about meeting a nice girl of similar interests and views. I like this quote from one of my tallest friend, “It’s not the height what conquers, but the shout"

Great story and great attitude!! Thank you for supporting the blog and helping us conquer society’s bs!

Anonymous said: I'm like 5'6 and my boyfriend is like 5'3.. I kinda hate that he's shorter than me but he's so sweet and I love him so it doesn't matter. But I'm really insecure about my height and his/.\idk what to do/.\ Bleh..

I know how you feel, dear. There really is no right answer except to try to learn to love and accept yourself as you are. Obviously your boyfriend sees your amazingness, you should too!

I’m a very short guy, 4’9 foot. I’m 18 years old and never dated, but your blog made me realise that it’s possible for me to date a girl. I can say that I totally don’t care if my girlfriend is taller than me, since almost everyone is already taller than me. I would not see any difference with her than with other people. I start to love my height since it makes me different, people are also acting differently with me. I wouldn’t change my height for nothing in the world, it pushes me to develop my personality and do my best in everything I do.


four-four-thirteen said: This blog is just awesome.. my boyfriend is 5'4 and I'm 5'11.. at first when we met it was really awkward and I thought so much about it.. but as time pass the two of us got over that awkward feeling and I'm so much in love with him. Love is love.. I just don't get how people can say TGSB couples are disgusting or wrong because I think we're some of the cutest couples out there. <3

It is very sad when people pass judgments on you. There’s no justification for it, other than I guess it makes people feel better about themselves? Either way it’s not fair. That’s why we must stand together! Thank you for the support!

Me and my boyfriend Brandon. Love him to death and always will. :)


Me and my boyfriend Brandon. Love him to death and always will. :)


madre-suicide said: I am 6 feet tall and plush lol. My dating record is filled with guys 5'8" and shorter. It used to make me self-conscious and people still make fun of my partners to this day but..fuck em'. Thanks for promoting the idea that took me nearly 20 years to be comfortable with ;P

Thanks for the support! I think it all takes us a while, and to be honest, I think we all struggle with it, no matter how strong we are. The support helps. Thank you for sharing your story!