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Anonymous asked: Hey. I just want to say that I'm glad you're fighting the good fight. I'm 5'7", which might not be incredibly short, but I love in a country with one of the highest averages of male heights, so this is helping my self-esteem when it comes to that. Keep at it.

Just know that your worth isn’t measured in inches! It’s all about what’s inside. Work on loving yourself so that when the right girl comes along you’ll be ready to love her right! Thank you for the support

ultraviolet-ray asked: I'm a short statured young man who loves tall women >.<

^^ Here we go single tall girls!

Anonymous asked: Hello I just found out about your blog, its helpful. I was always a fat guy and short (Iam 5ft 4in). Luckily I started losing weight and getting in shape. Anyway your blog kinda gives me hope because I have never had a girlfriend or been with a woman because I feel as though women would never really like a guy like me since Iam also nerdy and wear glasses. Iam still kinda skeptical but, like I said your blog gives me hope that women might notice a guy one day.

Hey, I wear glasses!! :P Nerds are making a comeback! Never in history has it ever been so cool to be a nerd, and I think that’s pretty cool :) We all nerd out over different things (me: harry potter, hello kitty, disney etc…) so I don’t think you have much to worry about :) When we don’t get things in our life that we really want, it’s usually because our true feelings are telling us that it’s impossible or that we don’t deserve it. But a change in our feelings about ourselves and the world around us can help put us in the position to actually receive those things. And the first step to doing all that is accepting yourself for who you are now. It sounds like you are on the right path. Be proud of your nerdiness, own it because that’s what makes you you and not anybody else. Who knows, maybe you’ll make a love connection here! :)

kid-kiki-deactivated20140227 asked: Ahh! I just started following this blog and I love it! It makes me feel a lot better about my relationship. I'm 5'10, and he's 5'6 or '7 ish. But we care about each other and I guess that's what matters! I'm about to be 16, he's 17. We always make fun of each other for being a giant, or a midget lol. I hope he asks me to be official sometime soon though, because I'm starting to be less insecure about our heights; thanks to your blog! :)

I love to hear this babe! Your confidence only serves you in a positive way! Keep loving yourself and your partner for who he is! Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous asked: This blog is perfect. I've been feeling pretty insecure recently because in the past couple months, two guys have had a thing for me, one is over 6 feet tall and the other is 5'8". I am 5'11" and 16 years old. I ended up going for the guy who's 5'8". I've never been happier in my life and I feel so beautiful when I'm with him. He treats me like a princess. And yeah, I feel weird sometimes. But reading about all of these other relationships makes me realize even more that height doesn't matter.

It really doesn’t. And it’s so sad that this society has us so brainwashed that we would actually give up a chance at real love over appearance and social “norms”. Eff the norms, be proud of who you are! Thank you for the support!

Anonymous asked: Hello there! I just found this blog & it's AWESOME :D Well I'm 13 & I guess u can say its my first relationship, I'm 5'4 and well he's like 5'0/5/1 .. He wants to take me out to go watch a movie , but I'm kind of insecure :/ I really really like him but I don't want people staring & saying negative things :/ What do I do? Should I just stop caring/worrying about it? Oh & also this will be the first time we've gone our date, we've been together for 9 months (long distance relationship)

Listen babe, you are about to go through a time in your life when EVERYONE is going to have an opinion, and have no qualms about sharing it with you. Regardless of who you are on the inside, people judge, and people in your age group don’t realize yet what effect words can have on a person. My point with this whole thing is that people will have something to say no matter who you date, so why not be happy? If this person treats you well and you feel good when you are with him, why would what anyone else thinks matter? It doesn’t. Figure out how to ignore what the haters say. I promise you they are hurting more on the inside than you know. Let them wade in their negativity, while you shake it off and enjoy your drama free life!

Anonymous asked: Hey, I'm about 5'5" or 5’6“,and the guy I'm with now is like 5'3" or 5'2". I really have always wanted a tall boyfriend... but I don't want to give up everything i already have with this guy, how do i deal with being taller than him? like i dont really care about being judged by others but i dont know how i should act so that it wouldnt be awkward when we kiss/hug/etc. oh and btw, i really really really love this blog, it makes me feel so much better :)

Thank you for following and sharing with us! If you have feelings for him, you are attracted to him and he makes you feel good, then sharing affection shouldn’t be awkward at all…. unless you bring that awkward energy into the situation. Try and figure out the root of your issues, and work through them. Height is really irrelevant, it speaks nothing about a person’s character, ambition, goals, strengths, drive… So show him you respect him for everything that he IS and not what he isn’t, and give him the quality of love that he deserves!

Anonymous asked: This is kind of irrelevant to the blog but you're gorgeous! :) you and your man make a lovely couple and the advice you give makes me so happy, your acceptance doesn't waver one bit. I feel like I have a virtual older sister to give me pep talks :)

<3<3<3 wow, thank you so much for the compliment!! I am here for you babe! Whatever you need!



This is my boyfriend of 5 years and I. There is a difference of maybe 1.5 inches (3-4 centimeters) between us. To anyone who thinks this is wrong or funny or unnatural (yeah, I heard that from some people), I just want to say to them that you can go fuck yourself.
In today’s culture of acceptance, why is this difference still not normal? 

P.S. I think this blog is great!!


This is my boyfriend of 5 years and I. There is a difference of maybe 1.5 inches (3-4 centimeters) between us. To anyone who thinks this is wrong or funny or unnatural (yeah, I heard that from some people), I just want to say to them that you can go fuck yourself.

In today’s culture of acceptance, why is this difference still not normal? 

P.S. I think this blog is great!!



Anonymous asked: I have been dating my current boyfriend for 3 months and he is about 5'3.5 and I'm about 5'5 or so, but the height difference is cute, and we get complimented on it a lot. people say that we're the cutest couple they've ever seen, regardless of our height difference, and that they genuinely enjoy how confident we both are to be together, trust me. If any wonderful girls out there are insecure; don't be. people will make comments, but at the end of the day, your happiness matters more. :)

Thank you for sharing! More proof that confidence and love is the way to go, with any relationship, regardless of the underlying issues. Keep being a shining example of acceptance and maybe we’ll change the world one day :)

Anonymous asked: I'm 5'5 and my boyfriend is about 5'1... We love each other more than anything and say it everyday. When we first met, I thought I would never date him cause of the height. I was. Very shallow person. But then I actually got to know him... And we fell in love<3 sure sometimes we get looks, but it really doesn't bother me anymore. Who cares what people think, ya know? I've got made fun of before for this, but then they just got used to it and accepted the fact that what they say has no effect :)

Exactly! The haters stop messing with you if they can’t get a rise out of you! I’m so glad you were able to shake off those negative feelings and see the person within. I wish you and your man all the best, thank you for sharing!

Anonymous asked: Hey so this guy and I have been friends for over a year now and lately I've been feeling like there's something more than friendship between us. I'm terrified to even ask him about this because I don't want to ruin our friendship. It's one of the best friendships I have. I really hope he feels the same way. Thing is he's about an inch shorter than me I don't want to make it an issue but the culture I come from is very sensitive to this kinda stuff. I don't know what to do. :/

Yikes. I get very touchy when it comes to cultural stuff. I come from a very accepting family, many races, homos and heteros, fully tattooed people ;) , musicians, social workers, etc… I was taught to always be myself and accept people for who they are. That notion seems to directly conflict with some cultural stuff. Regardless of where you come from, you are an individual, with your own thoughts, feelings and dreams. It’s up to you to decide if you are going to live your life for yourself, or someone else. As for telling him, maybe hold off on that. Try getting a little bit flirtier with him and see how he responds. If you start doing it and he does it back, it could just progress into a full on relationship on it’s own. If he doesn’t then just pull back a bit and remind yourself that you have an amazing friend for life, not everyone can say that.

gaynerdproblems asked: I'm so glad I stumbled upon this blog. My girlfriend is 5'10 and I'm 5'2. At first I was extremely self conscious because I didn't feel masculine enough and I'm transgender, female to male so being masculine was important to me but I feel so comfortable with her now. I don't see height. I see her. I love her. That's all that matters.

I love your story. I hope you know that you don’t have to be “masculine”, just be you. The world has enough masculinity, it’s okay the blur the lines a bit. Would you mind submitting a picture? I love getting “real life” couples on here and your story is such a great one to share. Thank you

forbiddenintricacies asked: I appreciate this blog so much. I'm 6'1 and my boyfriend is like 5'7 and half and I'm so incredibly happy and I love him so much and he loves me more than anyone else I've ever been with. Thank you for giving all these ladies such great advice. Society isn't always right.

Society is hardly right. We’ve had to fight and struggle for equality among the sexes, the races, we’re still fighting for equality among the classes and for equal rights when it comes to sexuality. Heightism is just another example. The only way to change it is for us to stand up and be proud of ourselves and our relationships and not let anyone tell us we are wrong.

Anonymous asked: I love reading the asks on this blog, I'm almost 6' and this guy (who I'm pretty sure is my soulmate) that I've gone out with, and talk to all the time is 5' 6", I'm glad it's not as rare as I thought for us to really be together someday :D

Sometimes I feel like the tall girls and short boys are drawn together to help the cause! If you feel a strong connection with him, go with it. Open yourself up to the love and let it happen. Height difference is stupid. My man is short and I’ve seen him slap a tall man across the face (not condoning violence, it was well deserved) just to protect my honor. Short doesn’t mean anything. Good things come in small packages, so embrace the love you are being given!